6 Best Differences | Inspections vs Walkthrough

It would be worth reading what Inspections and Walkthrough are before yo go through Inspections vs Walkthrough.   

Differences between Inspections and Walkthrough:


Inspection Walkthrough
1. Inspection is a formalized method of improving a work product that deserves careful consideration by any organization concerned with the quality of the product they ship. 1. Walkthrough is an informal meeting for    evaluation, usually no preparation is required for this.
2. It is Initiated by the project team 2. It is Initiated by the author
3. Planned meeting with fixed roles assigned to all the members involved 3. It is an unplanned approach.
4. Reader reads the product code. Everyone inspects it and comes up with defects. 4. Author reads the product code and his team mate comes up with defects or suggestions
5. Recorder records the defects 5. Author makes a note of defects and suggestions offered by team mate
6. Moderator has a role in making sure that the discussions proceed on the productive lines 6. Since it informal, there is no presence of moderator.

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