9 Best Difference between CMMI vs ISO

Difference between CMMI and ISO | CMMI vs ISO :



1. CMMI is a set of related “best practices” derived from industry leaders and relates to product engineering and software development. 1. ISO is a certification tool that certifies businesses whose processes conform to the laid down standards.
2. CMMI is a process model. 2. ISO is an audit standard.
3. CMMI is rigid and extends only to businesses developing software intensive systems. 3. ISO is flexible and applicable to all manufacturing industries.
4. CMMI compares the existing processes to industry best practices 4. ISO requires adjustment of existing processes to confirm to the specific ISO requirements.
5. CMMI is more focused, complex, and aligned with business objectives 5. ISO is flexible, wider in scope and not directly linked to business objectives.
6. It provides grade for process maturity. 6. ISO provides pass or fail criteria.
7. It reconnects the mechanism for step by step progress through its successive maturity levels. 7. ISO does not specifies sequence of steps required to establish the quality system.
8. CMM is specially developed for software industry


8. It applies to any type of industry.
9. CMM has  5 levels:






9. ISO 9000 has no levels.

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