Software Productivity | Factors affecting productivity

Software Productivity

Software productivity is the ratio between the amount of software produced to the labor and expense of producing it. There are two measures of software productivity:


  1. Size related measures:

It measures the line of code delivered and measures no. of delivered object code instructions or no. of pages of system documentation.


For example: A system which might be coded in 5000 lines of assembly code. The development time for the various phases in 28 weeks :

Then productivity    = (5000*28)/4

                                                                        =714 lines/month


  1. Function-related measures:

Productivity is expressed in terms of the amount of useful functionality produced in some given time. It is based on an estimate of the functionality of the delivered software. Function in a program is computed by measuring program features:

  • External inputs and outputs
  • User interactions
  • External interfaces
  • Files used by the system


A weight is associated with each of these and the function point count is computed by multiplying each raw count by the weight and summing all values.


Factors affecting productivity

  • Application domain experience

    Knowledge of the application domain is essential for effective software development. Engineers who already understand a domain are likely to be the most productive.


  • Process quality

    The development process used can have a significant effect on productivity.


  • Project size

    The larger a project, the more time required for team communications. Less time is available for development so individual productivity is reduced.


  • Technology support

    Good support technology such as CASE tools, configuration management systems, etc. can improve productivity.


  • Working environment

    A quiet working environment with private work areas contributes to improved productivity.


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