User Requirements and System Requirements Explained

User Requirements System Requirements

Here we will be discussing about the user requirements system requirements both.

User Requirements

User requirements are the high level statements in a natural language with diagrams of what the system should do and the constraints under which it must operate.

  • Should use as little technical terms as possible and must be understandable to the users.
  • Often referred to as user needs, describe what the user does with the system, such as what activities that users must be able to perform.
  • Generally documented in a User Requirements Document (URD) using narrative text.
  • Signed off by the user and used as the primary input for creating system requirements.
  • Are the functional requirements.
  • Need to be described in the business domain and in any format the stakeholders want to allow such mutual understandings.


System Requirements

System requirements are the building blocks that the developers use to build the system which consist of the detailed description of the software system’s functions and operational constraints.

  • Defines what should be implemented so may be part of a contract between client and contractor.
  • Are for the development team who need to understand how to practically meet user requirements using available technologies.
  • Related to hardware and software.
  • Usually describe the system that is required to host the solution.
  • Deals with the characteristics that the system such as reliability, usability, maintainability and availability.
  • Are the non-functional requirements.
  • They are general characteristics of the system and may not be necessarily directly observable by the user.

This is all about User Requirements System Requirements in the software engineering.


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