Software Inspections | Process and Team Roles

Software Inspections

Inspection in software engineering ie. Software Inspections refers to peer review of any work product by trained individuals who look for defects using a well defined process.

  • It is a manual, static technique that can be applied early in the development cycle.
  • It is the most formal review type.
  • It is led by the trained moderators.
  • During inspection the documents are prepared and checked thoroughly by the reviewers before the meeting.
  • It involves peers to examine the product.
  • A separate preparation is carried out during which the product is examined and the defects are found.
  • The defects found are documented in a logging list or issue log.

The Inspection Process

The inspection process should have entry criteria that determine if the inspection process is ready to begin. This prevents unfinished work products from entering the inspection process.

The stages in the inspections process are:

  • Planning:The inspection is planned by the moderator.
  • Overview meeting:The author describes the background of the work product.
  • Preparation:Each inspector examines the work product to identify possible defects.
  • Inspection meeting:During this meeting the reader reads through the work product, part by part and the inspectors point out the defects for every part.
  • Rework:The author makes changes to the work product according to the action plans from the inspection meeting.
  • Follow-up:The changes by the author are checked to make sure everything is correct.

The process is ended by the moderator when it satisfies some predefined exit criteria. The term inspection refers to one of the most important elements of the entire process that surrounds the execution and successful completion of a software engineering project.


Inspection team and role

During an inspection the following roles are used.

  • Author:The person who created the work product being inspected.
  • Moderator:This is the leader of the inspection. The moderator plans the inspection and coordinates it.
  • Reader:The person reading through the documents, one item at a time. The other inspectors then point out defects.
  • Recorder/Scribe:The person that documents the defects that are found during the inspection.
  • Inspector:The person that examines the work product to identify possible defects.

Software Inspections and testing

Fig: Software Inspections and testing

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