Reuse Based Software Engineering

Reuse of software

Reuse based software engineering is one of the software engineering strategies where the development process is carried out reusing the existing software.

Reuse based software engineering

Reuse may be in different sizes from program library to entire program. It is classified as per the degree of reuse:

  • System reuse: Complete systems, which may include several application programs may be reused.
  • Application reuse: An application may be reused either by incorporating it without change into other or by developing application families.
  • Component reuse: Components of an application from sub-systems to single objects may be reused.
  • Object and function reuse: Small-scale software components that implement a single well-defined object or function may be reused.

Advantages of software reuse

  1. Increase software productivity.
  2. Shorten software development time.
  3. Improve software system interoperability.
  4. Develop software with fewer people.
  5. Produce more standardized software.
  6. Produce better quality software and provide a powerful competitive advantage.

Disadvantages of software reuse

  1. Needless complexity.
  2. Inflexible design will cost too much to modify.
  3. Domain irrelevance.
  4. Inadequate documentation, training and awareness.
  5. Increased development, testing, and maintenance costs.
  6. Lack of tool support.


Reuse planning factors

Following are the factors that influence the Reuse Based Software Engineering :

  • The development schedule for the software.
  • The expected software lifetime.
  • The background, skills and experience of the development team.
  • The criticality of the software and its non-functional requirements.
  • The application domain.
  • The execution platform for the software.

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