Requirement Elicitation Techniques

Requirement Elicitation Techniques

Requirement Elicitation Techniques are the techniques to find out the requirements for an intended software system by communicating with client, end users, system users and others who have a stake in the software system development.

There are various ways to discover requirements:

a) Interviews:

Interviews are strong medium to collect requirements. Organization may conduct several types of interviews such as structured , non-structured, oral and written interviews.

b) Surveys:

Organization may conduct surveys among various stakeholders by querying about their expectation and requirements from the upcoming system.

c) Questionnaires:

A document with pre-defined set of objective questions and respective options is handed over to all stakeholders to answer, which are collected and compiled.

d) Task analysis:

Team of engineers and developers may analyze the operation for which the new system is required. If the client already has some software to perform certain operation, it is studied and requirements of proposed system are collected.

e) Domain Analysis:

Every software falls into some domain category. The expert people in the domain can be a great help to analyze general and specific requirements.

f) Brainstorming:

An informal debate is held among various stakeholders and all their inputs are recorded for further requirements analysis.

g) Prototyping:

Prototyping is building user interface without adding detail functionality for user to interpret the features of intended software product. It helps giving better idea of requirements.

h) Observation:

A team of experts visit the client’s organization or workplace. They observe the actual working of the existing installed systems. The team itself draws some conclusions which aid to form requirements expected from the software.


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