Monitoring and Control Systems

We are discussing on Monitoring Control Systems and their components:

Monitoring Control Systems

It is an important class of real-time systems which continuously check sensors and take actions depending on sensor values.

1 Monitoring Systems

They examine sensors and report their results.
Taking Burglar alarm system as an example of monitoring system,

  • The system is required to monitor sensors on doors and windows to detect the presence of intruders in a building.
  • When a sensor indicates a break-in, the system switches on lights around the area and calls police automatically.
  • The system should include provision for operation without a mains power supply.


  • Movement detectors, window sensors, door sensors
  • 50 window sensors, 30 door sensors and 200 movement detectors
  • Voltage drop sensor


  • When an intruder is detected, police are called automatically
  • Lights are switched on in rooms with active sensors
  • An audible alarm is switched on
  • The system switches automatically to backup power when a voltage drop is detected

Monitoring Control Systems


Fig: Burglar alarm system processes


2 Control Systems

It takes the sensor values and controls hardware actuators.

  • A burglar alarm system is primarily a monitoring system. It collects data from sensors but no real-time actuator control.
  • Control systems are similar but, in response to sensor values, the system sends control signals to actuators.

An example of a monitoring and control system is a system that monitors temperature and switches heaters on and off.Monitoring Control Systems

Fig: A temperature control system


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