Data Acquisition System and Block Diagram

Data Acquisition System

Data acquisition system (DAQ) is an information system that consists of DAQ software and hardware along with sensors and actuators for the collection, storage and distribution of information.

  • Used in industrial and commercial electronics, and environmental and scientific equipment to capture electrical signals or environmental conditions on a computer device.
  • The hardware typically consists of components in the form of external expansion cards which can be connected to the computer through a communication interface such as a PCI or USB.
  • The hardware is connected with an input device such as a 3-D scanner or analog-to-digital converter.
  • The signal from the input device is sent to the hardware device, which processes and sends it to DAQ software, where it is recorded for further review and analysis.
  • A data acquisition system is also known as a data logger.

A typical system consists of:

The block diagram of the data acquisition system can be shown as:Data Acquisition System


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