Software crisis- Definition and Example

Before having a knowledge of software crisis , we must have some idea about what software and software engineering is.


Software is a collection of instructions that enables the user to interact with the computer, its hardware, and perform computational tasks.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all the aspects of software production from the early stages of system specification to maintaining the system after it has gone into use.

 software crisis:

Software crisis is the situation resulted due to the catastrophic failure of software development which leads to incomplete and degrading performance of software products.

  • Term was coined in the year 1968.
  • It was due to the rapid increases in computer power and the complexity of the problems that could not be tackled.

Causes of software crisis:

  • Projects running over-budget
  • Projects running over-time
  • Software was very inefficient
  • Projects were unmanageable and code difficult to maintain
  • Software was of low quality
  • The software often did not meet requirements

OS 360 as an example of software crisis:

  • Officially known as IBM System/360 Operating System.
  • A discontinued batch processing operating system developed by IBM
  • Announced in 1964.
  • Entered the market in 1967, chock full of errors.
  • The system was huge, involving more than a million lines of codes, written by hundreds of programmers.
  • Was the disastrous result of an untried methodology.
  • Unacceptable due to the tedious performance and the complexity.

I hope this article gives you the clear understanding of the crisis in software and its example.


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